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Play and learn to play

Improvisation educates, is fun, stimulates openness, acceptance and most of all creativity. Those who cannot do it yet can learn it. Those who learned it will always benefit from it. One enhances qualities that are sought after everywhere. Dynamics, spontaneity and capacity for teamwork are being skilled.

In 1994 a few improv-players of the fastfood theater founded Germany's first school for improvisation. They created structures, which had space to grow and which keep you grounded. Almost 4.000 people of every age Menschen jeden Alters were trained in the different classes since then. Trained by professional teachers who never settle for the status quo, but are always in search. Risk is their delight, they take every failure as a chance to become even better. Not only on stage.





Termine der ImproSchule

30.09.2017 Fallschool 2017 / ausgebucht, Warteliste möglich
Yoga Studio Wiener Platz
02.10.2017 Fallschool 2017 / Show
04.10.2017 K 1 Grundkurs Improvisation / nur noch 1 Platz!
Tanzstudio Rebecca
05.10.2017 K 2 Erweiterungskurs Improvisation
Tanzstudio Rebecca
07.10.2017 WWS 1 Gesang
Yoga Studio am Wiener Platz

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The book to the school for improvisation:

Spontan sein (Being spontaneous)

Improvisation als Lebenskunst (Improv as an art of living)


The human being is spontaneous.

Spontaneity is present in everyone. But our regularised everyday life avoid spontaneity wherever possible. This is why so many people eel the need to relearn the ability to be spontanious. The founder of the fastfood theater and the first school of improvisation in Germany, Andreas Wolf, clarifies why we are spontanious on the one hand, but on the other we have the desideratum of projectable safety. He shows us with simple exercises how to (re-)discover spontaneity.

Take yourself to a journey in a submerged country. Be surprised and curious. And that's how to be spontaneous...

Unbound / Softcover, 168 pages
First edition
ISBN: 9 783 981 566 444                       € 25,90 inkl. MwSt.